Online SEO training course with one to one mentoring

This course is based on the content of the DIY SEO for the SME course but conducted online with personalised mentoring sessions.

online seo coursesThis course is designed for small business owners who have the ability to update their website using a CMS (content management system).  Therefore no knowledge of HTML or any other mark-up or programming language is needed.

Because the course is conducted over several weeks, it is possible to include assignments .  These are based around you working on your own site.  The result is that as the course progresses, so does the optimisation of your site.

The new online SEO course is designed to address the main issue that every small business owner faces, that of lack of time.

By offering the modules online means that you can work through them at a time to suit you and in bit size pieces with no need to take a whole day out of the office.

SEO is not difficult or complicated but it is very time consuming.  With the best will in the world, all too often students on the one day course go home with an action plan and good intentions but ‘stuff’ – business ‘stuff’ – gets in the way and they just don’t find the time they need to put in to develop good online visibility.
The assignments built into the online course overcome this problem by making the optimisation of your site and intrinsic part of working through the course material.

Module titles

1    Introducing the basics of SEO
To ensure that we are all talking the same language, this introductory module goes through the types of listings that search engines return and some of the fundamentals that will be covered in more detail in the course.  This module is designed primarily to address any assumptions that may be incorrect and which can be easily overlooked.
2    Keyword Research
Fundamental to all SEO is understanding which keywords will bring the right sort of traffic to a site.  We look at the free tools available and also at Wordtracker, a subscription tool but one that offers a seven free trial which can be used to complete the assignment.

3    Content
Search engines read content and we look at how they do this and what they are looking for when deciding which page to list against which search query
4    Linking
We look at how search engine value links.  External links are vital to search engine visibility and we look at how to develop a link building campaign.  We also look at internal linking and how to use it as effectively as possible

5    On page optimisation
The areas of of the page where keywords need to be found by search engines and where they have most effect

6    Other factors affecting rankings
Google and the other search engines use in excess of 200 parameters to determine their listings.  This module looks at some of the most important not already covered.

7    Managing and monitoring SEO campaigns
We look at how to use Google Analytics to monitor the effectiveness of changes made to the site and how analytics can suggest where effort can be most usefully deployed.


The assignment for each module will relate directly to work on the student’s own website.  It will to some extent be open ended in that the assignment may require work on only a small area of the site although in the fullness of time, the same process or strategy may be required to be carried out for the complete site.  The assignments are therefore designed to provide you with hands-on practical experience of working on your own site.  By the end of the course, successful completion of the assignments will mean that at least a section of your site will have been optimised.

No site optimisation is ever complete, there is always more that could be done.

Course format

Modules 2,3,4,5 and 7 are the core modules and include a course work assignment designed to apply the material covered in the module to your own site.   There is a short assignment with Module 1.

The first module will be sent out in PDF format.  Once you have read it, you can then email any questions or queries which will be answered as quickly as possible.  You should then complete the assignment, following which there will be a 45 minute mentoring session conducted using Skype in which the assignment will be discussed as well as other issues raised in the module that are relevant to your particular site.

Following the mentoring session, you will then receive the second module.

How long you take to complete the course is largely up to you, depending on the time you have available and how quickly you want to work.

It is strongly recommended that you complete the course reasonably quickly, in a maximum of about three months, otherwise momentum and continuity are likely to be lost.

All mentoring sessions should be completed within six months.

Course aims

At the end of the course students can expect

  • to understand the strategies available to promote a website and how to implement them
  • to have started the process of optimising a small site or a section of a larger one
  • to have a process in place to continue the ongoing optimisation of their site

DIY SEO for the SME is designed for

  • webmasters who want to optimise their own CMS driven site
  • marketing managers responsible for in house SEO staff
  • marketing managers responsible for outsourcing SEO

and who prefer to learn on line or do not have time to attend a venue based training course

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