Introduction to Google Analytics

This course is designed for webmasters and web developers who want to get started with Google Analytics. The aim is to look at how Google Analytics can be used as a very effective marketing tool to improve traffic generation and the performance of a website. The focus is on how to use and understand the information it provides.

don't run your site blindfold

Not using Google Analytics on a site is running it blindfold

Course length: short day, 10am to 4pm with a break for lunch.

Course programme

  • What is web analytics and what can it deliver
  • Planning the process – as with any process, thinking through what the goals are and how they are to be achieved is the vital first step
  • How data is collected
  • Setting up the web analytics account, including basic filtering to exclude internal traffic and permitting access to different users
  • Overview of what information Google Analytics provides and how to access and export it
  • Dealing with information overload
  • Defining key performance indicators for you site – we shall look at examples of KPIs that apply to many different sites without losing sight of the need to make KPIs site specific
  • Kaizen – setting up a cycle of continuous improvement ensures action results from the information provided by the stats – if no action every happens why bother to measure anything in the first place!
  • Web analytics and search, we look at both PPC and natural search data and how to use this to reduce the cost of traffic generation
  • Web analtyics and usability – what can web analytics say about how well your website is meeting visitor needs and expectations – how to spot areas for improvement
  • Web analytics and performance – is your website achieving its goals?
  • Presenting information – ensuring information is presented in a way that ensures it is acted up
  • Case Studies – real examples of how web data has been used to make sites more effective, more search engine visible and more profitable.
GA individual qualification certificate

GAIQ qualification

All students receive a comprehensive manual of all course material.

Free telephone mentoring support is included, to be taken within three months of the course.

Course aims

To enable students use Google Analytics to

  • understand how well their site is currently performing
  • to identify areas of opportunity to increase traffic generation and reduce its costs
  • to improve the conversion performance of a website

Introduction to Google Analytics is designed for

  • webmasters
  • marketing managers responsible for online marketing
  • marketing managers responsible for outsourcing online marketing
  • web developers and web agency personnel needing to understand the role of web analytics in website management

Introduction to Google Analytics is presented by Sally Kavanagh, a Google Analytics Qualified Individual

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