DIY SEO for the SME

This course is designed for companies and website owners running their own sites and who want to understand how the search engine optimisation process works. Usually this is because students want to undertake most optimisation work themselves in house, or sometimes so that they are in a better position when outsourcing SEO and choosing their outsourcing partner.

seo training coursesThis course assumes that access to the site is via a CMS (content management system). Therefore, we discuss what a good SEO friendly CMS needs to provide but in general, the more technical aspects of code building etc are not included.

Course length: short day, 10am to 4pm with a break for lunch.


Course programme

  • Key facts about how search engines work -the range of factors that search engines look at when ranking pages
  • Keyword research – free and subscription tools and how to use them
  • Links -how search engines looks at links
    • external (back links) their value and how to generate them
    • the power of internal linking
  • Content for visitors and search engines – how to write content that will appeal to search engines and result in good rankings and also appeal to visitors and convert into sales or enquiries
  • On page optimisation – Getting the right words in the right places
  • Local search and geo targeting – even if your site is targeting an international audience, local search is still important
  • Spam filters -search engines are always trying to weed out low value sites and those trying to cheat, knowing how they do this prevents the innocent being unwittingly caught
  • Managing an SEO campaign
  • inclusion issues and changing content
  • using Google’s Webmaster Tools
  • why analytics are vital to an SEO campaign

All students receive a comprehensive manual of all course material.

Free telephone mentoring support is included, to be taken within three months of the course.

Course aims

To enable students to optimise their own CMS driven sites.

SEO is not difficult but there are a large number of elements to it. A mentoring service is available, customised to each client. Mentoring is often provided in conjunction with a web analytics reporting service whereby Atracks provides a reporting and analysis service including an monthly action plan which the client can then execute as appropriate.

DIY SEO for the SME is designed for

  • webmasters who want to optimise their own CMS driven site
  • marketing managers responsible for in house SEO staff
  • marketing managers responsible for outsourcing SEO

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