SEO, PPC and web analytics (Google Analytics) training courses

Search Engine Workshops’ training days are designed to enable students to understand a topic so that they can build on the material covered in different situations and in different scenarios.

seo coursesIn all courses, students are provided with a comprehensive paper manual of all material covered during the event that can be used as a reference resource for future use.

Natural search engine optimisation courses

The focus of courses on natural SEO is to provide students with an understanding of how search engines ‘think’ and how to present websites and web content in a way that will match the way in which the search engine algorithms rank web pages. In this way, web sites and their constituent pages can achieve long term high rankings in search engines and minimise the risk of being adversely affected by changes in the search engine algorithms.

The course is modular in structure and at the end of each module, students are encouraged to complete a short action plan. In this way, by the end of the day, each student walks away with a well structured plan that they can start to implement as soon as they return to the office.

Introduction to Pay per Click Advertising using Google Adwords

Google makes it very easy to follow a step by step guide in setting up an Adwords campaign and there is no point in replicating this. It is also very easy to spend a lot of budget with very little return using the default settings on an Adwords account. The focus of this course therefore is to look at the wide range of options available with Adwords and how to use these options to configure a campaign that will provide the best possible return on advertising investment.

Introduction to Web analytics using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a wonderfully powerful tool but one that can easily overwhelm by the sheer volume of data it provides. This course is designed to look at how to use Google Analytics as a marketing tool that provides answers to questions rather than throwing up the question of ‘what does this tell us’.

Mentoring – what happens after the course finishes

Telephone mentoring is included for the first month after a course. There is no set limit other than a ‘reasonable use’ policy. As long as students are asking questions based on the course content then there is no problem – but we wont optimise or analyse a site for you!