Targeting local areas

It’s always a challenge. A small company wants to be found for search terms that include geographical areas in which they do not have a physical presence. For example, a fire alarm company whose offices are in Dorset want to come up for ‘fire alarms hampshire’, and it’s difficult.

The local search results based on Google maps will only list organisations based on physical address, so what do you do. The answer depends on how much you want to invest, both in time and money, and it will certainly take plenty of time.

Rand Fishkin did what I think is a very good White Board Friday on the topic a week or so ago.

Targeting the local market, beyond the doorstep, has always been difficult. I perhaps naively think it’s a particular problem here in the UK because we are so small. I imagine in the States the problem of being just over the border in Dorset but your target market being half a mile down the road in Hampshire just doesn’t happen, but perhaps as I say I just don’t know the US very well.

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