SEO, PPC and web analytics support and mentoring

SEO is not a black art. It is really quite straight forward once you know how. It is however, very time consuming to do properly and if you are looking for reliable long term search engine visibility, your site needs to be well and properly optimised.

If getting to the top of Google were simply a matter of adding a few metatags then every site would be top, and that isn’t possible. Search engines, and particularly Google, have built hugely complex algorithms in their continuing attempt to match the most relevant and useful pages with each search query. They are also in constant battle with spammers who are trying to cheat and get their site to rank for keywords for which it is not relevant. The result is a net designed to catch the guilty but which sometimes catches the innocent – it pays to understand the process to avoid accidently falling foul of the rules.

The Search Engine Workshops approach to consultancy is therefore to offer a combination of training and mentoring. This provides a framework and momentum to the ongoing promotion and development of a website. It also allows the client to bring in house as much or as little of the search engine marketing work as they choose or that their resources permit. In this way the client maintains control of their web marketing and the development of their website and web presence.

The role of web analytics in SEO

web analytics means actionAt Search Engine Workshops, we see web analytics as the driving force behind a good SEO campaign. We therefore provide a web stats report each month which provides the momentum behind SEO. It also measures progress and provides an early alert to any impending problems before they can do any serious harm.

Web stats reports are customised for each site so that we report an analysis to a depth appropriate for what the site and the business behind it is trying to achieve. Everything is KPI (key performance indicator) driven, there is no point in measuring anything unless it matters to the bottom line and can be actioned.

SEO and content generation

Content is king with SEO, or at least it is a very large part of the process, and this is best provided in house. It is usually cost effective for the client to develop content in house since he knows his products and services best and how their features can benefit his customers. SEO training provides the client with the knowledge to make this content search engine friendly and to match what search engines are looking for to match a query.

SEO and mentoring

Mentoring is offered to provide technical expertise. This is especially useful in situations that do not arise routinely, such as if a domain name has to be changed (always difficult and best avoided if possible). It also allows clients to keep up to date with changes in the rules of SEO that affect their sites without having to trawl through newsletters and forums – we do that for you. And finally, mentoring is invaluable for getting a second opinion. SEO is somewhere between an art and a science and just being able to ask – do you think this way or that is going to most effective – can save hours of wasted effort!

SEO audits – where we start

When we meet a new client for the first time, we start by providing an Assessment of Need report. This will look at the site stats (if they are available), how well optimised the site currently is and where the best opportunities for improvement lie. We look at traffic generation and site performance. There is no point in generating traffic if it doesn’t convert – and of course we can define conversion in all sorts of ways depending upon what the site purpose is.

The Assessment of Need report will include a detailed, costed, Action Plan and provides the springboard from which the SEO campaign can be launched.

PPC campaign management

Search Engine Workshops runs PPC campaigns for clients where these are in support of natural search traffic generation. We prefer to generate free traffic, but fully accept the valuable role PPC campaigns can play in an overall marketing plan.

We have a lot of experience in running PPC campaigns, mainly Adwords, but also on Facebook, Yahoo!, Bing etc, and have been using the medium since it was first introduced. However, we do operate a limit of about £1000 per month on any one campaign. For larger campaigns we recommend a more specialised service provider.

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