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Content marketing infographic – periodic table of

by Sally Kavanagh

I just loved this from Econsultancy - the periodic table of content marketing

periodic table of contentInfographics have been a bit overdone but this is an example of how they can really work.  It’s colourful and attractive, memorable and it has some very useful content.  Best of all, it’s different.


Google Authorship – getting it right

by Sally Kavanagh

Google+ is something to be taken seriously.  It’s a Google product and it makes sense that Google will do everything it can to promote its use – including using it as a signal when determining search engine rankings.

Author rank is linked to your Google+ account and author rank is definitely worth developing.  Anything that increases the authority and credibility of you as a content generator and of content that you have generated has to help with the visibility of pages associated with you as an author.

But managing author rank is not the easiest task.  Danny Sullivan has written an excellent article on some of the pitfalls and issues of Google author rank - it’s well worth keeping a note of as a source of reference.

Social metatags

On a related topic, here is another excellent article worth keeping to hand.  This one is by Cyrus Shepherd and looks at social meta tag templates. 



Duplicate content, canonical link element (tag) instructions on use

Duplicate content is a big issue for SEO, it may not be exactly penalised but controlling the issue can make a big difference to visibility. Read the rest of this entry »