The demise of Yahoo! as a search engine

From as early as next week (beg March 2010), Yahoo! will start closing down its search engine operations and import its results from Bing, the new name Microsoft gave its engine last year.

This comes as a result of final clearance from the authorities in the States to allow the ‘search agreement’ between Yahoo! and Bing.

The result as far as the users of search are concerned is that there will now be only two major players, Google and Bing.  There are still two minor players, Ask and  Hakia though they are lagging far behind the other two.

Is this good news or bad?

If you believe that total domination by Google of the search space is not desirable, then a strengthened Bing could be argued to be in a better position to challenge Google’s dominance.  On the other hand, one of the biggest players has gone the way of the famous names of the 90s that Yahoo! itself subsumed, Alta Vista, Inktomi and AlltheWEb.

As always, we live in interesting times.

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