SEO – the bits other than content marketing

by Sally Kavanagh

Everything now is about content marketing, writing new content, promoting new content, marketing new content.  There has been so much hype about the risks of incurring a penalty for doing what used to be quite legitimate, it’s almost as though that is all the SEO can do anymore.

Not true.  Most of the strategies that used to work still do, it’s just that so many have been abused and hence got a bad name.  Guest blogging is a good example.  Why did anyone think that flooding your market with low quality posts was going to be a good idea in the long term.  But I am very happy when I get a good post published on a good quality site on behalf of a client – or even for myself.  Even if it is ‘no followed’, it’s good content reaching a new audience that is promoting my client as an authority in their field.  And if it is a normal link, then so much the better.

This comment was triggered by a very good whiteboard Friday from Rand Fishkin, he’s given six ideas for to improve your rankings without content creation, worth a read and it earned him a link from me!

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