Promoting your Video on YouTube

Video can be a very useful tool in promoting both your website and your products and services.  But like everything, they don’t ‘just get found’, they have to be optimised so that anyone looking for what you are offering finds your video and not your competitors.

In general the same rules apply to promoting videos as to promoting any other sort of file format but there are a few differences, after all, there is no readable content within the video so Google and YouTube have less to work with and tags are therefore even more important.

  1. Keep video to less than 3 mins, 2 mins is probably better

    The top spots are almost always short videos, the reason is probably that shorter videos are more popular with end users, they therefore get more comments and generate more incoming links, which generates PageRank and higher PageRank results in higher rankings. Greater popularity is also to have a beneficial effect on rankings as well so its a win win scenario.

  2. Optimise the title

    Exactly the same situation as with optimising ordinary web pages, page titles are key and should always include the target keyword – as well as encouraging click throughs

  3. Optimise the video description

    This is more important with videos than with other web pages since there is less for Google to work with. Always include the link to the site you are promoting right at the beginning of the description and include the keyword being targeted more than once – twice should be enough.

  4. Make sure you add your keyword as a tag, and include it as the first tag if you use several. Tags are queried when searches are made on YouTube and they are also used in Google search algo so they are really important.

  5. Link to your YouTube video using anchor text. This is exactly the same strategy as with linking any other sort of page or file. Vary the anchor text around the keyword so that it always looks natural.

  6. It’s a very good idea to use your company name as your YouTube user name. It helps reinforce your brand and

  7. Generate ‘Honors’ for your video. As with all optimisation, it’s a bit of a catch 22. Good rankings are generated by popular videos but how do they become popular without the ranking? The more popular, commented about and discussed your video, the more honors it collects, is the higher it will rank. So to get it started, link to it from your website, from social media accounts, from blogs you visit (nofollow doesn’t matter here as the goal is to get people to play your video) email campaigns etc

  8. Embed your video in your website, and in blogs and forums you visit. If the embedded version is played then it won’t count towards making it the most popular on YouTube but it will provide another link to the YouTube video.

There have been some very successful uses of video online, one of the most famous is the ‘Will it blend’ campaign from BlendTec.  BlendTec have posted videos of their blenders blending everything from fruit to mobile phones.  It’s the example I usually quote when I get a new client who says ‘but my site is difficult, my product or service is not very interesting’.  Of course it is, if it solves my problem then it is very interesting.  But sometimes it helps to take a sideways look at it and video is often the medium to use.

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