Optimising PDF documents

There are sometimes good reasons for uploading information in PDF format.  It is useful if the material is likely to be printed off since the format retains the layout of the page irrespective of the configuration and settings of the computer which is presenting it.

PDFs can be quite effective in generating search engine visibility especially for more academic searches.  Google seems to favouring HTML type pages over PDFs at the moment but about 18 months ago (mid 2007), PDFs seems to do better with Google than there do now.  But to gain rankings, PDFs must be optimised in a very similar way to HTML type documents and the process for doing this is extremely well presented in a white paper by eVision which explains in some detail how to use PDFs to best effect both in building search engine rankings and in ensuring that the PDF material delivers readers onto the rest of the site.

With respect to SEO, a fundamental requirement of any PDF material is that it is initially generated using Word or similar rather than scanning it which is essentially taking a photograph of the material and as we all know, Google cannot read images!

The easiest way to check whether the text within a PDF can be read by Google is to use Control + F to find a word you can see in the text.  If Control + F can find the word, then so can Google.

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