How to check Google rankings in different countries

Some of my clients are interested in developing their online visibility overseas, the web is after all the perfect medium for low cost marketing worldwide.

But Google is always trying to ‘improve the search experience’. One way that the Google tries to do this is by detecting the geographical location of the searcher and then providing local results. So if Google thinks you are searching from the UK, then you will get predominantly UK results, even if you choose to use

So if you are promoting a site in the US for example, how do you see how your site is ranking and who is outranking your site. I have recently come across a Firefox plug in that allows searches to be done as though from different geographical locations. It’s from but although I had no difficulty in accessing the site and downloading the add-on yesterday, it is unavailable today. For an alternative location, try .

Once downloaded, simply do a search in in the normal way, then right click and choose to run the search for the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland or Australia. Really useful.

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