Google algorithm changes in 2012 and checking rankings

by Sally Kavanagh

As we all know Google changes its algorithm frequently – small changes are reputed to happen on a weekly if not daily basis.  Wordtracker recently published a very useful little article summarising the major updates that occurred in 2012.  The description of how this affects how to check rankings is particularly useful, especially the reference to Google NCR (no country redirect) if you want to look to see how rankings will look in another country.

The full article is available on the Wordtracker site.

The main changes last year were increase in personalisation of search and the two big anti-spam updates Penguin and Panda.

I have big issues with personalisation of search, although I can see the reasoning behind – delivering results that aligned with the searchers interests.  My concern is that inevitably that means manipulating results which veers towards censoring results.  The aim may be laudable but the unintended consequences are not.

On the other hand, Penguin aimed to remove spammy sites, especially those with over-optimised links (remember Florida back in 2003, nothing changes!) and Panda which is designed to remove sites with very thin content.

The Wordtracker article is a good resume of the 2012 i[dates, and more importantly, how to deal with them.


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