Beware free advice – even on Working Lunch!

Working Lunch is a programme I often enjoy as I munch my way through a sandwich.  And today I sat up when there was an item about a cosmetics company looking to improve its revenue through the web.  It would seem they had contacted Working Lunch who had kindly gone right to the top and arranged a meeting with Google no less!

The first question put to the Google spokesman was rather simplistic, along the lines of how to do I increase the value of sales through my site?  The reply was to increase traffic – can’t disagree with that – and the way suggested was to use Adwords!  No mention whatsoever of the value of developing organic listings, they were not even mentioned.  To me this is a perfect example of partial advice delivering only part of the answer.  Free advice is as elusive as a free lunch.

The conversation then went on to promote the benefits of using another Google product, this time a free one, Website Optimizer.  I certainly don’t have any issue with this advice, it is an excellent product and really useful in improving the performance of any site.

I shall try and catch the promised follow up to this story when Working Lunch will go back and look at how the company, it’s called Mamma Mio by the way, have done on the advice they have been given.  I imagine they will have gone through a sizable chunk of their sales and marketing budget unless they got some more impartial advice on how to set up and run their PPC campaign than they received from Working Lunch today!

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