How to exclude internal traffic

To exclude internal traffic from your Google Analytics data

You need administrator access to configure your account to exclude internal traffic. If you can’t find the screens referred to, it probably means you have only ‘user’ access. You will have to contact the person who set up the GA account and either ask them to exclude the internal traffic or to give you Administrator access.

Click on ‘Analytics settings’ (top left) to open up the following screen.  Click on ‘Add new profile’ (top right)

Google Analytics settings

Tick the box ‘Add new profile for an existing domain’. You need to give the profile a name, I suggest ‘exclude internal’

Your new profile will now appear in the Analytics Settings window. Click ‘Edit profile.

GA edit profile

and scroll down to ‘Filters applied to profile’ and click ‘Add filter’

GA filter

In the ‘Filter type’ drop down, select ‘Exclude’ ‘traffic from the IP addresses’ ‘that are equal to’

ga filter type

You need to know your IP address. There are lots of website out there that will tell you, one such is The site will automatically detect your IP, and will present it as ‘IP information’. It will take the form of a number with four groups of digits each separated by a full stop.

Simply copy these four sets of digits in the four boxes, give the filter a name (Me or web agency etc) and your are done.

Profiles and Best Practice

You could of course simply add the filter to your existing, default profile but it is far better – and safer – to leave one profile completely untouched. This means that if you either make a mistake or for some reason want the data excluded by the filter, all data is still available.

Profiles are ways of analysing a sub set of data, so once a filter is configured, it will mean that for that within that profile, some data is excluded. This may be because you have used an exclude filter as here, or it may be that you have a used an include filter, which will have the effect of excluding everything not included by the include filter.

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