Google Analytics fast access mode – or no access mode?

Faster access mode – a nightmare!   I am not sure what it is supposed to do but what it is actually doing is removing my data!

GA-fast access mode is removing new visitor data

The moral of this must be that you get what you pay for, and with GA, free has always been a very good deal for a very good product.  But if I were paying anything for this, I would be on the phone immediately and asking for this ‘feature’ to be removed or I would move to another web analytics solution.

Perhaps it works for the large sites that it is apparently aimed at, but in my experience 99% of sites are what Google would term ‘small’ but they are still providing the marketing life blood for 99% of businesses.

In my experience the problem arises when I try to segment data.  For example, ‘all visits’ is returning perfectly normal, accurate data, but when I try and look at ‘new visitors’ then all the current data is removed and only the previous time period comparison data is visible.

Fast access mode would seem to be just too clever, please Google remove it, or make it optional if it really is a worthwhile feature for some sites – they must be very different from the 30 of so sites I monitor for clients all of which are being affected and showing zero data for certain queries.

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