Terms and Conditions

Please note that Search Engine Workshops is part of Atracks Ltd.

Clients are solely responsible for all information on their websites. This includes any material provided by Atracks and approved by the client prior to be uploaded onto a client’s site or to another site on behalf of a client.

Clients are required to ensure that their website(s) do(es) not contain any material that infringes the copyright of any third parties.

Fees are always agreed before any work is undertaken. This may take the form of a written quotation or may be agreed less formally by email. However a written (including email) record is required before work is started.


SEO and consultancy work is invoiced on the basis of time spent working on behalf of a client; invoices are sent out at the end of each month. Payment is due within 14 days of the invoice date and should be by BACS transfer or, if this not possible by cheque.

Payment for training is due a minimum of seven days before training is scheduled. Payment should be made by BACS transfer or cheque.  A seat on a training course is not guaranteed until full payment is received.

Travelling costs

Travelling to and from a client’s offices for one meeting per month is not normally charged so long as the level of work commissioned by the client is for a minimum of one full day per month. If the level of work is less than this and for second or subsequent visits, then a contribution towards travelling time and expenses may be charged, usually at £30 per visit. If travel is required to a third party location, travelling costs will be agreed in advance.

Cancelled meetings

If a meeting is cancelled by a client at short notice, then a charge may be levied towards lost time and expenses. This will be up to a maximum of the actual travel expenses actually incurred plus time incurred at the current Atracks rate.


The Atracks’ philosophy is to develop long term search engine visibility but due to the changes in the way search engines behave, Atracks/ Search Engine Workshops gives no guarantee as to the results of any campaign.

Atracks accepts no liability for a client’s website(s), its performance, visibility, content or any other aspect of the client’s site.

Cancellation of Services

Consultancy and SEO services

If a client no longer wishes Atracks to work on their behalf, then all that is required is an email to info@atracks.co.uk requesting that no further work is done. Any work already completed but not invoiced, will be immediately invoiced and subject to the normal payment terms.


Payment for a public training course is not normally refundable.  Payment for in house training will be treated in the same way as SEO consultancy bearing in mind that time will be spent in advance of the training date preparing material.

Atracks reserves the right to cancel any on-going service for any reason; an explanation will be provided and every effort made to resolve any issues amicably.