The following are resources and tools that we use and recommend. Some have got affiliate tags and we will take a commission if you sign up. But everything listed here is listed because we recommend it, whether or not a commission is available.


Google products list

Google now has so many products it can be difficult to keep tabs on them all.  SearchCommder Inc has listed them all out for easy reference and access.

The 200 paramaters

We all throw out that search engines use over 200 parameters – well here’s a list.  Just check when it was last updated, very recently when I last looked (March 2014)

Search Engine News

In addition to a tome covering just about everything SEO, Search engine news provides monthly updates which haven’t missed anything important in the 12 years we have been subscribing

Planet Ocean Unfair Advantage Book


Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO provides a series of tools that monitor backlinks to a site.


Rank checker

Checking rankings is increasingly problematic due to the personalisation of search.  Rank checker provides a neutral platform.



Wordtracker – still the best keyword research tool especially for organic search campaigns.

Bing keyword tool

Now that Google has removed its old keyword tool and replaced it with keyword planner, the Bing keyword tool is worth looking at.



Tool for testing page load time.