About Search Engine Workshops UK and Atracks

Search Engine Workshops UK was originally formed in 2003 to offer SEO training in the UK based on the US model developed and run by Robin Nobles and John Alexander. There are now no formal connections between the two organisations, just friendly ones.  But quite early on, we realised that the US training model was very different to the UK one and since then we have focused entirely on the UK market, both in terms of content and the way our training is delivered.

Search Engine Workshops has been part of Atracks Ltd since 2007 but by 2013 it was becoming increasingly confusing to have the two brands.  So we have retained the domain name – we’re good SEOs – but the Atracks website now redirects to this one and everything is done under the Atracks banner.   There has been no change in service delivery or any changes to the way we interact with clients.

As web analytics has grown in importance, especially as a driving force behind SEO, then this has been added to the prospectus.

We offer public courses, in house training and SEO and web stats analysis as client services. Students attending our courses come from all over the UK, sometimes from Europe. We are happy to travel within the UK to provide in house training. Most of our clients for whom we provide an SEO or analytics service are in Surrey, Hampshire or Dorset.