Traffic Generation and Web Analytics Training

We offer training in SEO (natural search engine optimisation), which will deliver good rankings for the keywords that your target audience is using.  We offer two levels of course: DIY SEO for the SME is a jargon free and non technical course designed for small business owners.

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SEO is the best long term strategy for website traffic generation

Once a page is built and well optimised then it has the potential to keep sending traffic – unless the search engines change their rules. But we believe that if you understand what a search engine is looking for and you work with them, then you have a very good chance of building long term success, even if they do change their rules.


We offer two SEO courses:  DIY SEO for the SME is designed for webmasters running sites for small businesses.  A more technical course, SEO for web designers and agencies is more suitable for those responsible for the overall structure and navigational architecture of a site.

Web analytics – invaluable marketing data

We offer training in how to use Google Analytics as a marketing tool. Introduction to Google Analytics

looks at the use of Google Analytics as a marketing tool and the way in which its use is a vital part of successful SEO and PPC campaigns.

We believe that using your site’s web stats is vital to understand how it is performing and identify where the opportunities to drive it forward lie. It doesn’t matter which web analytics tool you use but we tend to use Google Analytics as most of our clients like it – it’s powerful and free is hard price to beat.

PPC training courses

Although we believe in the power of natural search, PPC (pay per click) advertising can make a valuable contribution to the online marketing mix.  Introduction to Adwords PPC advertising is designed for website owners who are either new to PPC advertising or have found ‘it doesn’t work’.  It does if managed well.

All training can be provided in house as well as at our venues in the New Forest and is delivered by a Google Adwords certified individual.


Even the best training is even better when followed up by mentoring. All our courses include up to three hours telephone or email follow up mentoring. After that period, we also offer mentoring – often in conjunction with web analytics reporting. This can range from a monthly overview and ideas on how to proceed to simply offering a second opinion on how to progress with a particular campaign.

Web analytics reporting

running a site without web analytics is working blindfoldA monthly report is often the best way of keeping on top of SEO and web performance campaigns. Although we advocate keeping as much SEO work in house as a client has resources to manage, outsourcing web analytics ensures it doesn’t get overtaken by other priorities.   We provide customised reporting to whatever depth is appropriate. Normally this includes a suggested Action Plan – we believe Action is what Web Analytics is all about.

Running a website without using your web stats is like working blindfold when all your competitors have 20 20 vision.


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